Chapter 1 - Edie Ebony are born

There once was a pair of mice named Edie and Ebony. The mice were sisters, born one cold, winter's morning in Nottingham, in the Notts Nibblers Rodent Rescue home.

They loved their home and were very happy there, but Edie, the ever-curious one of the pair, loved to explore the big, wide world outside.

Together they went, usually never too far, but Ebony was a mischievous little mouse and liked to play tricks on Edie. Ebony would scurry ahead and lie in wait, ready to jump out at her explorer sister. This always gave Edie a mighty fright, even though by now she often knew what Ebony was up to.

But, one day, Ebony had scurried ahead a little further than usual to hide, and when she jumped out from behind a flowerpot' Edie panicked and ran the other way!

'Edie, come back!' Ebony squeaked, scampering after her sister. 'It's just me!'

Ebony soon caught up to Edie, and they laughed at how silly they had been ' that is until they realised they were lost.

They tried their best to retrace their steps, but none of the turns looked familiar, and now it had started to snow...

Edie suggested they find somewhere to stay for the night, so they looked far and wide and as they were scurried along a on old brick wall (avoiding the neighbourhood cat below) they happened upon a small hole that lead up under the tin roof of an outhouse. This little space was warm and quite roomy, filled with a strange, soft yellow fluff, and they soon curled up together nestled among it, as the white flakes fell from the sky outside.

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