Chapter 2 - Edie Ebony Go Exploring

For the next few days the mice tried to find their way back to the rescue home, but had no luck and each night returned to their little haven to sleep. The weather was growing nastier, colder and wetter so they began to spend time exploring their space in the ceiling, growing more and more familiar with it, they ventured further and further inside.

One day Ebony uncovered a plastic wire which lead to a crack. The crack let in a lot of light so Ebony went to investigate. Edie cautiously followed. On the other side, it was amazing. They climbed down the plastic wire to into a humongous room, full of awfully big toys hung around the room like decorations. They slid down one of their long wooden handles onto the shelf below to get a better look.

While Edie was trying to figure out a safe way to climb down, Ebony had spotted something, far below them on the workbench. It was a big, brown tin box with shiny edges where the colour had rubbed off (the shine must have caught her eye), with big orange letters on the top, but you couldn't read the letters much as it had sticker over the top. The sticker itself had something written on it. Ebony was peering over the edge, desperately trying to work out what it said, but she wasn't as good at reading as her sister. Even Edie could only just make it out from the distance.

'It says Elouise,' she squeaked.

'What's an Elouise'' replied Ebony.

Edie shrugged.

All of a sudden there was a noise coming towards the room from outside' footsteps!

Someone was coming! As quick as they could, the mice scrambled back up the tool handle and up to their den above, but just before Edie disappeared out of sight, she caught a glimpse of a girl ' no, a lady ' and the lady caught a glimpse of her!

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