Chapter 3 - Edie Ebony and The Mysterious Box

Edie and Ebony were ever so curious about the mysterious box they had found the day before, in the room beneath them.

After much thought, they decided to set out to have another look. Carefully making sure that the lady from before was nowhere to be seen, the two crawled out from their hole in the ceiling.

'Now we have to work out how to get down to the box,' Ebony puzzled.

'What about this'' suggested Edie, pointing her whiskers to a ball of string she had found. 'We could tie it around one of these hooks and slide down!'


Ebony went first, the daredevil of the two, sliding down with glee as Edie watched her go from the dizzying heights above. Next it was Edie's turn. Slow and steady wins the race, she thought as she inched downwards with care. Finally back on solid ground, they climbed up the side of the half-open box, just enough to take a peek inside.

Ebony, ever the adventurous one, climbed up higher, desperately trying to see the box's contents from the grey light coming from the window above, but as she did so, they heard a voice.

'That's Elouise's box.'

Well, poor Ebony and Edie nearly fell over themselves in fright! In fact, Ebony did fall' she fell forward right into the box! Edie tumbled into the shadows to hide, but she couldn't leave her sister. What on earth was she to do'

'Don't be frightened! I won't hurt you!' The voice was the lady from before. They hadn't heard her come in, but now she was stood by the door, closing it against the harsh, winter wind.

She walked over to the box on the floor and removed the lid fully, gazing down warmly at Ebony who was sat in a daze. From her hiding place, Edie watched, stock-still. What was going to happen' She had to help! But what could she do'

'Hello there, little one,' the lady said. 'Nice to meet you.'

Ebony stared up at her, confused as to what had just happened. She would have been scared, but the lady had kind eyes and a lovely, gentle voice. She didn't seem scary at all.

'My name is Rosie, and this is my workshop.' Ebony finally realised where she was, and now that there was plenty of light shining inside the box, she had a look at the things around her: a shiny red shoe with an stripy sock tucked inside, something shiny on a shiny string, some tiny tools and something green and fluffy. The lady, Rosie, began to explain.

'This was a box of Elouise's things. Elouise was my friend ' my first mouse.'

Mouse! She is a friend of mice! At this Edie and Ebony knew that Rosie could be trusted, because, as everyone knows, once you are a friend of mice, you are always a friend of mice. Rosie lay her palm inside the box and helped Ebony climb out. Once Ebony was reunited with her sister, Rosie continued with her story.

'Elouise used to work with me here. We used to make things, pretty things, like this.' She pulled out a beautiful silver bird necklace out of the box, which Edie proceeded to sniff with delight.

'These are some of Elouise's favourite things. Her favourite tools, her favourite bed, her favourite' oh!' Rosie picked up the green fluffy ball. 'This must have been some cake she forgot to eat. Cake was Elouise's favourite food you see.' Edie and Ebony thought Elouise's favourite food looked and smelled mighty horrible, but they didn't say anything, for they wouldn't want to be rude to their new friend. Instead they asked her about the pretty necklace and if she had any more. Rosie told them that she had stopped making shiny things ever since Elouise had had to leave a little while ago. Rosie designed the jewellery, and made it as best as she could, but without some tiny paws to help with the most fiddly bits, she couldn't finish any of the things she'd made.

This struck Edie and Ebony with the best idea. They could help her! Just then, an urgent beeping came from outside, the way that Rosie had come.

'Oh! The oven!' Rosie swept the contents back into the box, and jumped up. 'I'm ever so sorry, but I have to go!' she exclaimed, 'But I hope I see you again!'

As she left, Edie and Ebony looked at one another, and smiled. They knew just what to do.

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