Chapter 4 - Things that go Squeak in the Night

Night had fallen on the exciting day when they had met Rosie. Edie was wide-awake, ready, but Ebony was not ' she was snoring loudly, nuzzled deep in the yellow, fluffy bedding under the floor. Edie poked her sister awake.

'C'mon! It's time! Let's go!'

Ebony started awake, and remembered what they were going to do with a grin. The mice scurried through their hole, climbed down the wooden tool handle and slide down the string rope to the workshop bench.

The moonlight shone through the window onto the table, as they gathered the half-finished pieces of jewellery scattered on the surface and set to work. Edie took charge of the handiwork while Ebony scurried about fetching tools and extra bits of silver, occasionally stopping to eat the secret biscuit crumbs she found.

By the end of the night they had finished every piece of jewellery they had got their paws on, and sat back, ever so pleased with themselves.

'Don't they look great!' chirped Edie.

'They do. I can't wait to see what Rosie thinks,' replied Ebony as she nibbled on a chunk of Digestive.

The next day, Rosie could not believe her eyes. There they were: a dozen or so pins and earrings, beautifully made with the tiniest of intricacies! She had a feeling she knew who had left her this wonderful surprise, but Edie and Ebony were nowhere in sight.

She did notice however that the workshop table was particularly crumb-free, and she was certain the mice couldn't work a vacuum cleaner.

So that night, she left two biscuits on the workshop bench, with a couple of other unfinished pins. Sure enough, the next morning the biscuits were gone and the pins had been finished, which were, if possible, even more beautiful than the ones from the night before.

Rosie was sure that it had been the mice now, so that night, instead of jewellery, she left out biscuits inside Elouise's box. Along with the biscuits, there was a note. The note read:

Thank you mice for all your help!

If you would like, you can come live with me and we can be a family!

Edie and Ebony had never had a family before (well, apart from each other) and were ever so excited! That night they slept in Elouise's cosy red shoe, snuggled in the old sock, eagerly awaiting the morning to re-meet Rosie, now their new adopted mum.

Would you like your very own paw-made pair of earrings' If so, please send biscuits to The Workshop, stat! Or you can buy a pair Edie and Ebony have already made here!

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