Chapter 5 - Welcome Home Edie Ebony

It was Edie and Ebony's first night in their new home and they were snug as a bug in a rug. Well, not in a in a rug' on a rug. They were cuddled up close to their new mum, Rosie, on her favourite, fluffy rug, curled by the warm glow of the winter fire.

That day Rosie had taken her new daughters to the shops to buy some exciting new toys and furnishings as a big thank you for all their help finishing Rosie's designs. Edie picked a 'flying saucer' wheel so that she could run as far as she liked and never get lost from her new home, and some super soft bedding that was just like the yellow fluff under the floorboards, (just not as yellow and not as scratchy!). Ebony, on the other hand, didn't find anything that particularly took her fancy at the shops. However when she got home, she did some hunting of her own and soon discovered the best toy ever! Ebony ran through it, rolled in it, nibbled at it. She begged Rosie to let her keep it.

'A toilet roll tube'' Rosie laughed. Seeing Ebony's confused whiskers twitch, she quickly continued, 'I mean, it is a very precious thing, this tube' but you are precious to me, and more than welcome to have it.' Rosie planted a kiss on her finger and gently pressed it to Ebony's head. Ebony's whiskers twitched a smile.

So a few hours later, here they were, and after such a long day of shopping and playing, the three could finally relax by the fire. Uncertain as Edie and Ebony had been about Rosie when they had first saw her, they knew now that it was fate that had brought them here, to be part of the family at Elouise Makes. This was where they were always meant to be. And they absolutely couldn't wait for the special life that awaited them here, filled with love and adventure.

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