Chapter 6 - Edie Ebony make a Cupcake

For Mother's Day with their new family, Edie and Ebony decided that they wanted to do something special for their new adopted mum, Rosie. Taking turns on the big magic typing box, they found a recipe to make cupcakes for humans!

They snuck into the kitchen late at night, and worked very hard (well, Edie worked very hard, and Ebony helped by eating any of the bits that fell out of the mixing bowl). The scariest part was putting the tin in the oven, but using a very elaborate system involving a broom and some string from Rosie's studio, they managed.

The next day, Edie and Ebony presented Rosie with a single chocolate cupcake, made with all the love in their hearts. Rosie was so happy and proud of her little ones and all their hard work (though they also got scolded for using the oven without supervision).

'Next year we'll just make her a card instead,' mumbled Edie, while licking some of the icing off her paws.

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