Chapter 7 - The Golden Easter Egg Hunt

Though mice aren't very good at remembering dates, they are excellent at sensing the changing of the seasons. As March drew to an end, and the sun began to stay up longer to warm up the earth, Edie and Ebony watched the daffodils bloom and the garden come alive.

"Ebony, Ebony! Do you know what is coming' Easter!' squeaked Edie to her sister.

'The surprise!' Ebony replied, 'The Easter surprise!'

For Easter, Edie and Ebony's mum Rosie had promised them a very special treat. Working in top-secret in her workshop, she assembled a dazzling egg hunt. She made delicious eggs out of mouse treats that were such a brilliant gold they made the even the daffodils seem dull!

On Easter Sunday, Ebony, Edie and Rosie went out to the garden. The little mice checked under ever blade of grass and every flower petal until they found every gilded delight their mum had made for them. Full of delicious treats, they basked in the sun and had tea with their mum, warm and content.

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