Chapter 11 - Edie Ebony go to a Wedding

Today was the big day. Edie and Ebony had never been to a wedding before, and they were super excited. Their mum said weddings were lots of fun, with funny speeches and dancing and cake.

Rosie had them from the word cake.

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It was the wedding of Rosie's friend, Katie. They had met Katie a couple of times, and she was very nice, but she had always met them at their house, at home with Rosie. So what they didn't know about the lovely Katie was that...she had a pet cat. A cat! A terrible, devious, rotten, mean old cat!

Well maybe this cat wasn't any of those things, but Edie and Ebony knew what cats were like. They had heard the stories back at their Rodent Rescue Home ' many a mouse had been gobbled up or squeaked like a squeaky-toy in a cat's fangs and taken as a horrid gift to their master.

And the worst part was, Katie's cat would not only be at the wedding, he was going to be the ring bearer! He would most certainly see them sat in the pews. They would have nowhere to hide! But Rosie reassured them that Frank was a nice cat, and that they should give him a chance.

Plus, even if he wasn't a nice cat, she would never let anything happen to either of her little ones.

'I'll keep you in my pocket,' Rosie added, 'I promise you'll be perfectly safe.'

So they sat in the pews, and the vows were spoken and the rings brought forward (Edie and Ebony watched intently) and the mothers wept and the couple kissed. And afterwards there was lots of cake as promised! As Edie and Ebony were gorging on the best fruit-cake they had ever eaten, Frank spotted them, and they froze for a moment.

Frank did not like mice either, but it was his mum and dad's special day so he decided to be civil, so he returned to licking his paws and combing the fur across his ears.

Edie and Ebony sighed with relief. 'Maybe not all cats are horrid,' squeaked Edie, through crumby whiskers.

'Well let's not risk it again anytime soon,' Ebony twitched, 'Not for just a bit of cake!'

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