Chapter 12 - Edie Ebony Start School

It was nearly time for Edie and Ebony's first day at school, and like always, Ebony was running late. She hadn't brushed her teeth or packed her bag and was frantically running round finding everything she needed while Rosie made up their packed lunches.

Meanwhile, Edie's whiskers were quivering.

'What's wrong, sweetie'' asked mum, as she sealed some treats in an airtight bag.

Edie fiddled with her paws, nervously.

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'It's just that' I'm just worried that' well' what if the other mice don't like me''

Rosie's heart melted. 'Of course they'll like you Edie! You are a wonderfully clever, kind, caring mouse! Why on earth are you worried about that''

'I don't know. It's just, I've not tried making friends with other mice for such a long time ' not since the Rodent Rescue Home ' and I don't know if I'll be any good at it.' Edie's eyes sparkled with the beginning of tears, but she blinked them back with a twitch of her nose.

'Now, now sweetie, there's no need to cry!' Suddenly an idea struck. 'Hold on,' said Rosie, jumping up and leaving the room. After a few moments she returned with something shiny.

'This,' Rosie said holding it forward, 'is my lucky pin. It was the first pin that Elouise helped me to make, and whenever I've needed her love and help on a special day or a day when I'm a bit nervous like you are today, I've worn this pin and it's all been alright.'

Rosie attached the pin to Edie's bag and planted a kiss from her finger onto Edie's head. Edie smiled a thank you up at her mum.

'C'mon now you two, we'd better go or you'll be late!' and with a grin she ushered them out into the sunshine.

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