Chapter 13 - Happy Halloween

It's no secret that Edie and Ebony are very good with their paws, and now that it's Hallowe'en, they soon decided they were surely made to be pumpkin carvers! However, the big orange vegetable of the season was much larger than they had imagined so with some help from Rosie (and some little ladders!) was definitely needed.

They set to work (once Rosie had hollowed it out, of course), cutting out the scariest, most festive face they could with jagged teeth and narrow eyes, all ready for the annual Pumpkin Carving Competition'

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Finally, they were ready. Rosie packed up the spooky sculpture and off they went to the competition. Once they had placed their masterpiece down, mum and mice walked around looking at the other entries: a scary witch, a devil, a ghost'

'Ah!' Edie ran behind her mum in fright.

'It's not a real cat, little one,' chuckled Rosie, 'look.' She pointed to the pumpkin carved like a black cat. Edie's whiskers eased, relieved.

The judge called for their attention, as the winners were to be announced'

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