Chapter 14 - Edie Ebony make a new friend

It was a particularly sunny Saturday in October, and the perfect day for a day out! Rosie knew that Edie and Ebony loved animals just as much as she did, so she knew just where they should spend their afternoon' at the zoo of course!

So they ventured out to the Highland Wildlife Park, and spent the day in Rosie's pocket, peering out at the many wondrous creatures having fun in their big playpens. But then they came to the best part of the day. Ebony squeaked in delight. A big swimming pool!

'Can we swim Rosie' Can we'' Ebony begged. No sooner had she asked, a dark ominous shadow flashed by in the murky water.

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'What was that'' gasped Edie, slowly remerging from the pocket where she had just retreated (for safety of course). A head popped up from the pond, white and silky. And another!

The mice gazed on in amazement as a pair of giant mice emerged from the water. 'What kind of mice are these, Rosie'' 'They're not mice, little ones,' Rosie laughed, 'they're called polar bears.' 'What's a polar bear'' Edie's whiskers twitched inquisitively. 'Quite simply, they're bears that live in the North Pole,' Rosie explained, 'now penguins, they live in the South Pole.'

The mice were mesmerised. Ebony asked if they could get a little closer and their mum held them up in her soft palms. The bears saw the mice and padded over to say hello. 'My name's Arktos,' came a surprisingly warm but gruff voice. 'And I'm Victoria.' The lady polar bear smiled.

Ebony introduced the bears to Rosie and her sister who was quivering behind her tail. 'It's lovely to meet you all,' Victoria replied, 'and you're welcome to join us for a swim if you would like.'

The mice looked up at Rosie with pleading eyes. Rosie smiled and nodded. So she placed them down on the floor at which they scampered under the fence and dove straight into the pond! The mice splashed and swam and rode on backs of the paddling polar bears until Rosie said it was time to go.

In the car on the way home, Ebony had an idea. 'Let's make some polar bear jewellery so we never forget our polar friends and our fun day out today! Maybe we can even make some penguins too!'

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