Chapter 15 - The Mice that Hated Cheese

Edie was busy re-making her bed with bits of cotton and fluff, making it soft and cosy for the winter that was approaching. As usual, Ebony was causing mischief.

When Edie would scurry off to get some more bedding fluff, Ebony would gleefully pounce onto the carefully fluffed-up nest, squashing it, before jumping back to her place by the food bowl as though nothing had happened. Poor Edie just couldn't understand it! Why on earth was it was taking her so long to make her bed'

Meanwhile, Rosie was doing some rearranging and tidying of her own. Some friends were in town and were stopping by for some mulled wine and cheese, planned for the benefit of her little ones. Rosie didn't buy cheese much, but finally her mice could eat all the Brie and Gorgonzola that they liked!

Eventually evening came and the cheese board was set. The warm, fruity smell of mulled wine wafted from the kitchen. 'Would you like a taste before the guest arrive'' Rosie asked.

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Edie and Ebony examined the board curiously. They didn't seem impressed. The doorbell rang.

As Rosie's friends were all introduced to Edie and Ebony, they quickly became interested in the mice's reaction to the variety of cheese on offer.

'Do you not want some cheese, little one'' one asked. 'What about some of this'' 'Or this'' 'Or this'!' Edie and Ebony took a bite.

'Bleugh!' Both of them spat out their mouthful simultaneously. 'That's horrid!' Edie remarked. 'It smells like old socks,' squeaked Ebony.

Mum and guests were flabbergasted. Mice' that didn't like cheese! What would be next' Rabbits that didn't like carrots'

'Can I have something to get rid of the taste'' Edie's whiskers were twitching frantically. Someone handed her a thimbleful of mulled wine. She glugged it down. It seemed that mulled wine was much more favourable to her rodent palate. They quickly found a second thimble for her sister, and soon Edie and Ebony were a pair of merry mice indeed!

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