Chapter 16 - Christmas Preparations

'Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock..'

'I didn't run up the clock' Edie protested. 'I climbed. Gracefully.'

'Gracefully is one word for it.' Ebony grinned, swishing her tail, pretending to sway and stumble. 'Are you still merry from that mulled wine''

'Shush and pass me that penguin bauble.'

It was December now and time to begin putting up the decorations for Christmas, and however the mice had ascended the clock, they were most certainly up there now! Together they were liberally applying tinsel and little bows and various coloured penguin baubles.

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Edie, ever the perfectionist, had taken charge. 'No, don't put the red one there, there's too much red. Put a gold one, and put that red over here.'

Edie was so busy scurrying to and fro atop the clock she hadn't noticed her sister scurry quietly down to the floor, just in time for the minute hand to reach the twelve.


The clock struck three and Edie did flee! Down she hurtled in a mad panic, while Ebony was about herself laughing, her little evil whiskers twitching in delight.

'Hickory Dickory Dock!' chuckled Ebony.

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