Chapter 17 - Edie Ebony get Snow Excited

Edie and Ebony were working in the workshop, putting the finishing touches on some of the new gifts to be sent out to boys and girls for Christmas. Suddenly, Edie spotted something out the window. 'It's snowing!'

The mice rushed to see, and sure enough fine flakes of white were floating down from the heavens. 'Can we go out and play' Can we''

'Not yet little ones ' look. The snow needs to settle first!' They could see now that it did indeed. It was certainly not thick enough yet to go sledging or make a snowman.

So they waited all day, eagerly peering out the window every so often to check how thick the blanket was becoming, and finally' it was ready!

And with that, out they ran into the soft, white wonderland of the garden.

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Ebony gathered snowballs while Edie caught falling snowflakes on her tongue and rolled around making snow-mice. While Edie lay on the floor, Ebony took her chance and began to throw her stash of snowballs at her unsuspecting sister.

'Hey!' Edie squeaked as another flew through the air and hit her square in the whiskers. Ebony laughed mischievously and threw another. What Ebony hadn't noticed was that she had made her pile of snowballs right under a huge plant pot, with leaves coated in a thick layer of snow that teetered right above her head. Ebony threw another. This time, Edie jumped up and threw one back, but it flew right past Ebony.

'You missed, you missed!' Ebony laughed, gleefully, until the second snowball hit the plant pot too and Ebony looked upward' as the pile of snow slipped from the leaves and onto her head!

'Oh, you silly goose!' chuckled Rosie, as Ebony's snow-covered nose emerged from the pile. 'Silly snow-goose, don't you mean'' Edie grinned.

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