Chapter 18 - Edie and Ebony in Stocking Trouble

With only two weeks to go until Christmas, the mice were beginning to prepare for Santa's visit by pinning up their stockings above the fireplace.

'I wonder what we'll get for Christmas', Ebony squeaked, thoughtfully.

'You'll be getting coal, Edie chortled, 'You're definitely on Father Christmas's naughty list'.

'Hey!' Ebony spun round, 'I'm a good mouse!' As she quickly turned to face her sister, her long tail swished and...

...accidentally knocked Edie down into the stocking!

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'Help! Help!' squeaked Edie, as Ebony tried to frantically look around for something with which to pull her back up.

Rosie, in the next room heard the urgent squeaks and came running, but stopped abruptly to smile at the peculiar sight of the stocking wriggling around as Edie tried to pull herself out. Rosie tried to help Edie whilst and Ebony attempted to rescue her sister with a bit of gold tinsel.

Once Edie was nestled safely with her sister and Rosie, they sat in front of the fire and tucked into a hot chocolate and a mince pie.

It's a good job you all look after one another! Even if you do make your own trouble!' Rosie laughed. 'You are most certainly good mice! I'm sure Santa Claus will bring you all the treats deserve!'

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