Chapter 19 - Edie and Ebony Save Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring' apart from a mouse!

Well, two mice to be exact. Edie and Ebony! They were working their little paws off in time for Christmas. The madness began just that morning when they received a very unexpected phone call' from none other than Santa Claus himself!

'Santa needed some help, as he and his elves were not going to be able to finish all the presents in time for Christmas, and he had heard that Edie and Ebony were two of the best paws in the world.

So Santa's new honourary elves had been working all day and all night to finish these final gifts for boys and girls everywhere, and thankfully, they were just about done. Santa could not be more grateful.

The sleigh set off and the merry team whizzed around the world, delivering gifts' well, all but one'

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As they skimmed across the sleepy, glass sea Santa dropped the final present into the waves below. Thinking he had made a mistake, the mice exclaimed, jumping to reach it out of the side of the sleigh. They stared after it as it sunk deep, down beneath the surface.

Seconds later bubbles began appearing, more and more of them, and before they knew it a glorious blue whale leapt out of the water, showering them all with a salty spray. Santa let out a merry Ho Ho Ho, and up they went to home.

Back at the workshop, Santa turned to the mice: 'I honestly don't know what I would have done without you both; thank you so, so much! Without your help, Christmas would not have been the same!'

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