Chapter 20 - Edie and Ebony Have An Announcement

New Years Day had arrived and Rosie had organised all of the mice’s favourite food and drink for what would be the squeakiest, most-fabulous party around!

There were marshmallows and fruitcake and mulled wine and all sorts of other festive, tasty treats (but of course no cheese, since the mice didn’t like that), all laid out to celebrate the start of 2017.

The humans had enjoyed a party last night but this was very late and much past the mice’s bedtime, so Rosie agreed they could have a spectacular party on New Year’s Day so that the mice could celebrate too. But Edie and Ebony had something up their furry sleeves…

The feast was set and the scene was all a happy hubbub. Lots of the mice and human guests were dancing, while Edie and Ebony played pin the tail on the cat with some of their mice friends.

Edie had been the first one to get anywhere near the cat’s rear end, which earned her a fair few claps and squeaks of applause, since most of the other mice had only managed to pin the tail to a claw or the cardboard cat’s belly. But it was Ebony’s go next, and with her keen eye, she was determined to beat her sister.

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They spun Ebony around in circles until she was dizzier than socks in a washing machine, and blindfolded, she lurched towards the cardboard cat. She flailed around with the tail firmly in her paw, and finally she made her choice. The tail was stuck.

The onlookers made restrained noises. Ebony scrabbled to remove the blindfold to see for herself. As soon as she had done so, Ebony let out riot of squeaky laughter, and the room soon followed.

The tail hung above the cat’s head, dangling precariously between its eyes, and swinging as though it was trying to hypnotise the poor kitty! The dear mice were in stitches.

Once they all managed to compose themselves, it was decided that a new game was in order, since no one wanted to move the tail from between the cat’s confused eyes.

“Instead of a game,” Edie squeaked, “I’d like to make an announcement.” She held up a thimble of mulled wine, and the rest of the guests followed, whiskers turned. Rosie smiled, knowingly.

“Thank you mum for adopting us and making us part of the Elouise Makes family.” Ebony piped up, “Yes, thank you! We’ve loved every second!”

“But I think it’s time for us to retire from the workshop and take some time off after such a brilliant year. We’d like to go somewhere hot with a beach… we’ve never seen the sea before…”

Rosie’s grin was growing. She had something sneaky up her sleeve too! The mice couldn’t help but ask why she was smiling in such a funny way.

“I’m smiling my darlings,” Rosie beamed, “because I know the perfect place for you to retire!”

It just so happened that Rosie had a lovely little villa in the south of France where she would often go to spend the summer. It would be the perfect place for the mice to go and relax after all their help in the workshop. Edie and Ebony couldn’t believe their tiny ears. The mice couldn’t have planned it better!

They squeaked in delight and with their announcement all announced, they could all get back to the fun and games. As the dancing and other antics ensued once more, Rosie gave each of her mice a kiss on the head.

“Your care and love will always be a part of everything here, sown into each and every piece you’ve helped me make this year. And no matter where you go or where you are, you will always be part of the Elouise Makes family,” Rosie promised. “But send us a postcard once in a while!”

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