Chapter 21 - A Message from Rosie!

So… that’s it, 2016 is over. What a rollercoaster of a year… but I feel like I have learnt so much and met some absolutely amazing people that have meant I could start 2017 positively with exciting plans for the rest of the year.

Unfortunately, we lost little Ebony just before Christmas – it was a hard time for Edie and I, but it was great to be so busy from all the Christmas Fairs we were doing and we just like to say a massive thank you to all our lovely customers that supported us and put smiles on our faces every day.

We still do a little jump of excitement every time someone wants to adopt one of our recycled silver animals. (Plus, Edie has been constantly spoilt with nibbles of strawberries & banana!)


So with the loss of our little Ebony, Edie & I used our well-earned break to search for some new little paws to help us make our Paw-made with Pre-loved Jewellery.

After a couple of weeks of searching the internet (or as Edie calls it, ‘the magic screen’) we found this lovely couple called Ally and Lyle who love mice just as much as we do! We asked Ally and Lyle if they had any babies looking for mouse mommas, and they did. Edie & I looked through the photographs, and immediately we fell in love with Erin and Alex.

I went to visit them at in the first week of January… and also met Misty….and fell in love with her too! Erin, Alex & Misty are too little to come home with us at the moment, so we’ll be going back to visit them in February and bring them to their new home (and we are just so excited!).


Bringing Erin, Alex & Misty home is not the only thing I’m excited about this year. In February I am starting a new 6 month course with the Crafts Council to develop my other creative practice! So...even though Edie is supposed to retire to the South of France... I'm hoping that she'll stay with me in the workshop to make sure the new recruits are well trained so they can make and send your Paw-made jewellery out to you in tip-top condition…. let's see how she handles them eh'

That’s the end of our story or now, keep a look out for any updates on the new recruits and general workshop adventures on our Instagram & Facebook!

Lots of love, 

Rosie x


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