Sitting Cat Silver Necklace (black)Sitting Cat Silver Necklace (black)

Silver Sitting Cat Necklace (black)

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Ethically produced Silver Sitting Cat Necklace (black)

Have luck on your side with this black cat that can never pass you by! Our ethically made silver Sitting Cat Necklace will keep superstitions at bay and a beautiful black cat by your side, day and night. Made from recycled silver by Edie & Ebony, crafted with love and sustainable practices, this personal handmade item is perfect for presents or everyday wear - fashioned for cat-lovers everywhere! Looking for specific animal of your own choice? Why not visit our bespoke page or send us an email? Also available oxidised black upon request. Caring for Oxidised Silver Jewellery Please note that oxidation will wear off over time with repeated rubbing against your skin and oils in your skin. To help prevent the finish wearing away, avoid wearing your jewellery when coming into contact with perfumed substances such as scent, hand creams and body lotions. Your oxidised piece of silver jewellery has been sealed with renaissance wax to preserve the finish for as long as possible, however the wax will wear off after time. If you are concerned with the oxidation wearing off, you may wish to purchase some of your own renaissance wax and periodically reseal it. If you would like your piece re-oxidising, please contact us so that you can continue to enjoy your jewellery for years to come.

Hand-made with love and sustainable practices, these Silver Necklace (black) are perfect for everyday wear or great for giving as a gift.

Silver Necklace (black) - Animal Inspired Jewellery

Hand-made from sustainable, recycled silver and handcrafted in our Midlands UK workshop, our Silver Necklace (black) are unique to the UK , and the only ones in the world!

By using recycled material to make our Sitting Cat Necklace (black), we can make sure we work responsibly and sustainably so we can continue to spread the joy of animals for years to come! We also use something Picklean to clean our jewellery, rather than the industry-standard acid, since Picklean is environmentally friendly and kind to our planet.

Bespoke Sitting Cat Necklace (black)

Our handmade Sitting Cat Necklace (black) may already be the perfect gift, but if you're looking for bespoke silver necklace (black) to match your beloved familiar, we also offer bespoke necklace (black) made to order with our Bespoke Service.

Bespoke Service

At Elouise Makes, we know how much our pets mean to us, so when you want to keep a piece of them close to you, it has to be right. That's why we offer the option for you to send in a picture of your pet (or your friend's if it's for a present) so that we can match their markings in our personalised jewellery.

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