Elouise Makes brings you ethical, bespoke animal jewellery, paw-made with love. All our pieces are handcrafted from sustainable, recycled silver, so we can continue to spread the joy of animals for years to come!

We have a wide range of recycled silver jewellery for you to choose from, in all shapes and sizes, breeds and species! From our unusual doggy Dachshund Necklace and our Pug Cufflinks, to some of our other popular jewellery such as our Rabbit Earrings and Penguin Pins.

For something extra special, explore our Bespoke Animal Jewellery section, where you can personalise your piece, or commission a perfect individual design.

Silver Rabbit Necklace

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Necklace Ethically-made silver Rabbit Necklace. Buy your...

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Silver Rabbit Pin

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Pin Try not to bounce in excitement! Yes, we have an...

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Silver Rabbit Cufflinks

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Cufflinks Buy your bunnies here! Here you can see our...

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Silver Rabbit Earrings

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Earrings Ethically-made silver Rabbit Earrings. Buy your...

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Silver Rabbit Studs

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Studs Ethically-made silver Rabbit Studs. Buy your...

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