Fabulous! You have found the fish! If you are a fish lover, then you will love our fun silver fish studs. Take your fishy wherever you go with a friend on each ear! From aquarium to pond fish lovers alike we are sure you will agree that these make a wonderful gift and a beautiful addition to any animal jewellery collection. Look stunning and original with these extra special charms.

Everybody born in-between the 19th February to 20th March falls into the horoscope month of Pisces, this sign is symbolized by two fish. Pisceans are said to be very friendly, compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise and musical. What a unique and extra special gift to give for all your Pisces friends.

You might like to pair these with some of your other favorite watery animal friends so why not check out our silver penguins, polar bears, or for an even bigger splash, why not a whale!

Our silver fish, like our other pieces, are made from sustainably sourced silver (recycled, or what we like to call, pre-loved), so we can continue to spread the joy of animals for years to come!

Each piece is individually handcrafted and cleaned with environmentally friendly Picklean, while others in the industry tend to use acid that pollutes our world. This way we can work responsibly and conscientiously, and care for the world in which we (and our furry friends) live.

We hope you find something to suit your pet passion here, but we also offer a Bespoke Service where you can have the option to have a piece custom-made. This is great for gifts or if you simply have a special idea of your own.

If you are interested in a personalised piece of animal jewellery, please get in touch and we will strive to fulfill your animal ideas and imaginings!

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Silver Fish Studs

Ethically produced Silver Fish StudsEthically-made silver Fish Studs that make the...

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