Foxy people: welcome! Foxes are one of the most well-known wild animals in the UK, they are native to Britain and not only are they adorably cute they are fast and light on their feet! Foxes are great night-time hunters because their eyes are specially adapted to night vision and did you know that their eyes glow green when light is shone into them like two little green emeralds'

Here you will find our range of ethically made silver fox jewellery (that's fox jewellery made of silver, not animal jewellery for silver foxes (although, saying that, the cufflinks below might well suit the latter')).

These quality silver accessories would be perfect for your foxy self, or as a present for a foxy partner, or any other foxy people you may know!

All of our animal jewellery is pawmade from recycled silver by Edie & Ebony and crafted with love and sustainable practices.

These practices involve all of our animal jewellery being made from recycled silver (we call it pre-loved silver) and we also clean our silver with environmentally friendly Picklean (rather than the industry-standard acid), which is much kinder to our planet. This way we make sure we look after the world in which we and our furry friends live!

We can also personalise our bespoke jewellery service to provide the exact animal you are looking for, so that those of you with an idea of your own can order something extra special. Simply get in touch with some more details of your unique design and your personalised jewellery could be on its way before you know it!

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Silver Fox Necklace

Ethically produced Silver Fox Necklace Ethically-made silver Fox Necklace, perfect for...

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Silver Fox Pin

Ethically produced Silver Fox Pin This ethically-made silver Fox Pin is perfect for your...

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Silver Fox Cufflinks

Ethically produced Silver Fox Cufflinks Ethically-made silver Fox Cufflinks. This...

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