Keep your hare on!

Hares are a little bit larger than rabbits and have longer hind legs and ears and did you know a hare's fur will change color from brown or gray in the summer to white in the winter to camouflage them!

If you are a lover of our British wildlife, then you might want to take a look at our animal jewellery, and dare to indulge our handsome hares. In necklace, pin and cufflink forms, these unique silver accessories will certainly complement any outfit. If you like these you might also like our rabbits!

So delight in our fair hares made with care! Each hare is individually handcrafted and cleaned with environmentally friendly Picklean, while others in the industry tend to use acids that pollute our planet. This way we work responsibly and conscientiously, and care for the world in which we (and our furry friends) live.

If you are interested in having some animal accessories custom-made, we also offer a bespoke service so that you can design your own pieces. Simply send an email to rosie@elouisemakes.co.uk detailing what you would like, and we will be sure to fulfill your wildest fantasies!

However, more collections are due to become available in the future, so hopefully you will always be able to find exactly what you are looking for!

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Silver Hare Necklace

Ethically produced Silver Hare Necklace Ethically-made silver Hare Necklace. Delight in a...

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Silver Hare Pin

Ethically produced Silver Hare Pin Now, this Hare Pin certainly won?t hold your bun in...

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Silver Hare Cufflinks

Ethically produced Silver Hare Cufflinks Hear, hear! Apologies. Hare, hare! Get your...

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