Our rabbits and bunnies make the most wonderful pets and are the nation's third most popular furry pet. What joy we get from these soft gentle companions and as rabbits should be kept in pairs cufflinks and earrings make the perfect gift!

Buy your bunnies here! Please browse our rabbit-based animal jewellery above, all handcrafted from sustainable, recycled silver in our workshop in Nottingham. We also offer some handsome hares which you can find in the Hare section.

But these beautiful bunnies come in various forms so you can keep your rabbit close to you heart (with our rabbit necklace and pin) or a bounce up your sleeve (with our cufflinks)! We hope you find the exact thing you are looking for but if what you'd like is not in our stock, we also offer a bespoke service. So do let us know what animal you are looking for and what form of silver jewellery or accessory you would like it in and we will handcraft it for you!

Using recycled materials is so important because sustainability is part of the way we work: so that we can continue to spread the joy of animals for years to come! We also clean our animal jewellery with environmentally friendly Picklean (rather than the industry-standard acid), making sure we look after the world in which we and our furry friends live!

If you have any special ideas of your own or suggestions for our next collection, just get in touch , we'd love to hear from you!

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Silver Rabbit Necklace

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Necklace Ethically-made silver Rabbit Necklace. Buy your...

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Silver Rabbit Pin

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Pin Try not to bounce in excitement! Yes, we have an...

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Silver Rabbit Cufflinks

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Cufflinks Buy your bunnies here! Here you can see our...

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Silver Rabbit Earrings

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Earrings Ethically-made silver Rabbit Earrings. Buy your...

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Silver Rabbit Studs

Ethically produced Silver Rabbit Studs Ethically-made silver Rabbit Studs. Buy your...

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