If you have ever been lucky enough and to get to know a squirrel you might have had the rare opportunity of experiencing one eating out of your hand. Squirrels are very trusting animals and most of us are just quick enough to spot one darting up a tree and watch the bushy squirrel tail disappear. Here you can find some handmade silver jewellery you can go nuts for! Below are some of our squirrel assortments, from pins to cufflinks.

We hope you find the perfect quirky and unique gift for your girlfriend, best friend or any loved one who adores cute animals! Or if you are looking for something for yourself, we hope you find as much joy in these furry friends as we do!

All our squirrel accessories are handcrafted from sustainable, recycled silver, so we can continue to spread the animal joy for years to come! We also take care to clean our animal jewellery with environmentally friendly Picklean rather than the industry-standard acid, which can be corrosive and pollute our atmosphere. Each and every thing we do we strive to make sure we look after our planet, and work in harmony with nature and our fellow creatures!

Alongside our most popular designs, we also offer a custom service for those of you with a special idea of your own and would like a piece of jewellery personalised. Simply get in touch with your ideas - we always look forward to hearing about your pet passions!

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Silver Squirrel Necklace

Ethically produced Silver Squirrel Necklace Ethically-made silver Squirrel Necklace that...

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Silver Squirrel Pin

Ethically produced Silver Squirrel Pin Cuteness level 10,000. This ethically-made silver...

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Silver Squirrel Cufflinks

Ethically produced Silver Squirrel Cufflinks Ethically-made silver Squirrel Cufflinks...

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