Here we have some wonderful walrus weaponry to dazzle your opponents!

Whistle through our wondrous walrus to find a great gift for that funky someone, or an accessory that will grab attention all year round.

We also offer a personalised animal jewellery service alongside our popular animal designs, so if our whacky walrus has sparked an idea, then get in touch! We can also tailor any of our current designs to match a particular animal, with intricate markings and all, so if you have a furry friend in mind, tell us all about them! Just get in touch.

And there's no need to blubber! All our pieces are handcrafted from sustainable, recycled silver, and cleaned with environmentally friendly Picklean (rather than the industry-standard acid), so that we can help care for our planet and preserve the habitats of fabulous creatures such as the walrus!

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Silver Walrus Cufflinks

Ethically produced Silver Walrus Cufflinks There?s no need to blubber! You can get your...

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Silver Walrus Necklace

Ethically produced Silver Walrus Necklace No one will ever t'sk at you when you have two...

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Silver Walrus Pin

Ethically produced Silver Walrus Pin Watch out for this wide fellow! This Walrus Pin is...

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