Rosie - Founder of Elouise Makes


Rosie founded Elouise Makes Animal Inspired Jewellery in 2014 in memory of Elouise her first pet mouse. Lover of all animals, in particular her pet mice who help her to make our ‘paw-made with pre-loved silver’ jewellery in the workshop. When she is not in the workshop, Rosie likes to scout for new tools and to go on bike rides with her family.

Edie - Maker
Our Mouse Jewellers

Current Makers

We currently have four mice: Edie, Alex, Erin & Misty working as resident jewellers at Elouise Makes Jewellery. Edie has been at Elouise Makes the longest and is our most experienced member of the family/jeweller. Sadly, Edie’s twin sister Ebony passed away last Christmas, and so we recruited Alex, Erin & Misty to help her in the workshop.

Ebony - Maker
Our Mouse Jewellers

Retired Makers

Elouise Makes has had a long line of mouse jewellers, that go back 3 generations to Rosie’s beloved first furry friend ‘Elouise’. She was the inspiration behind our recycled silver animal-inspired jewellery and her legacy lives on through our name. Following Elouise, came Elsie, Ellie, Ella & Ebony.