The Elouise Makes Story

Our Story

Elouise Makes began when Edie & Ebony, former residents of Notts Nibblers Rodent Rescue stumbled across Rosie’s Nottingham Workshop. Rosie used to design & make jewellery as a hobby with her first pet mouse Elouise, but after a couple of years of designing and making together Elouise passed away and Rosie stopped designing the jewellery.

Rosie made some new mouse friends in the months soon after, but it wasn’t for another three years later, when she spotted two new mice scampering about in her workshop, that her Jewellery venture began again…

Edie & Ebony had accidently lost their way back home and had taken shelter inside the tin roof of Rosie’s workshop. Whilst exploring, they had found a mysterious box of things, with a sticker that said ‘Elouise’….this was when they accidently met Rosie. Realising that Rosie was a friend of mice, Edie & Ebony sat quietly, eager to find out more about Elouise and the mysterious box. Rosie showed the two sisters some half-finished jewellery that was inside Elouise’s box. She explained about how she used to make the jewellery with Elouise, but she had stopped because she had found it very difficult to make some of the fiddly bits without the help of some tiny paws.

Excited to make their new human friend happy, Edie & Ebony knew just what to do….that night, under the moonlight, they set to work on all the half-finished jewellery and by the morning the workbench was glistening with lots of beautifully paw-made earrings and pins! From then on Rosie & the mice became a family. Edie & Ebony continued to help Rosie finish making the jewellery she had designed and to say thank you Rosie would give them all her love – and plenty of biscuits and popcorn. Soon after, they decided to become business partners, and in 2014 they founded ‘Elouise Makes – Animal Inspired Jewellery’ – in spirit of Rosie’s beloved Elouise!

Edie & Ebony became so good at making the jewellery that they even started to help Rosie design it too. Together, the three of them took on and trained more mouse jewellers and the family became bigger. Another three years later, Elouise Makes is now being run by Alex, Erin & Misty (with Rosie to help and provide popcorn of course!)

Paw Made Logo Flat

Paw-made with pre-loved silver

Inspired by a beloved first pet mouse ‘Elouise’, and a personal love of animals, Elouise Makes brings you ethical, bespoke jewellery, paw-made with love. All our pieces are handcrafted from sustainable, recycled silver, so we can continue to spread the joy of animals for years to come! We also clean our jewellery with environmentally friendly Picklean (rather than the industry-standard acid), making sure we look after the world in which we and our furry friends live!

Alongside our most popular designs, we also offer a personalised service for those of you with a special idea of your own. Just get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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Caring for your Silver Jewellery

Elouise Makes Uses Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly gift wrap

Elouise Makes proudly packages your special items in sustainable Eco-Board boxes, made from recycled cardboard, so that you can rest assured your gifts are as ethical as they are beautiful, right down to the gift wrap.

From Pre-Loved Silver to Pre-Loved Paper, we know quality and sustainability is vital if we want to keep sharing our passion for pets with you for years to come! So please support our desire for a more sustainable, ethical future for businesses by connecting with us on social media, and wear and share our animal adoration!

Rosie & Edie in the Workshop

Meet the Elouise Makes family

Elouise Makes was founded in 2014 by Rosie Deegan, jeweller & silversmith. Rosie is helped by a hardworking team of humans and mice.

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