Elouise Makes at Jewellery Fairs & Events

Elouise Makes regularly attends local fairs so you can come and view our silver animal inspired jewellery in the flesh (or in the fur)! You can also meet our sterling team (see what we did there) and get to know more about what we do.

All of our jewellery is handmade and made with our passion for animals intertwined within the silver. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one there is no sweeter way to share your affection than with a silver accessory from our special stock. Our jewellery range is also just right for you if you are looking for something that you wont find anywhere else, since as each piece is crafted from scratch, every earring or necklace or pin or cufflink is totally unique.

Our jewellery is made for animal lovers everywhere, to help share the joy and amazement they bring to us every day. We hope you find as much enjoyment in our pieces as we found in making them, and we certainly hope to see you at one our upcoming events!

You can also buy always buy our jewellery online or in one of our stockists placed up and down the UK. Please visit our Jewellery Stockists page for more details on where to find us.

We regularly attend events such as the Handmade Nottingham Market, Craft in the City in Nottingham and Waterstones, events at the Harley Gallery, and the Nottingham Trent Art and Design Christmas Market.

You can find Elouise Makes at any of the following events listed below: